American Society of Magazine Editors

Winners and Finalists Database

Title Year Category Winner or Finalist Editor
Harper's Magazine 2017 Columns and Commentary Winner Christopher Cox, Editor, for March; Ellen Rosenbush, Editor, for July; James Marcus, Editor, for September
The New Yorker 2017 Magazine of the Year Finalist David Remnick, Editor
The New Yorker 2017 Public Interest Finalist David Remnick, Editor
TIME 2017 Video Finalist Nancy Gibbs, Editor in Chief, TIME, and Editorial Director, Time Inc. News Group
Seventeen 2017 Personal Service Finalist Michele Promaulayko, Editorial Director; Joey Bartolomeo, Executive Editor
Huffington Post Highline 2017 Multimedia Winner Rachel Morris and Greg Veis, Executive Editors
AFAR 2017 Photography Finalist Julia Cosgrove, Vice President and Editor in Chief; Elizabeth Spiridakis Olson, Creative Director; Tara Guertin, Director of Photography
MTV News 2017 Columns and Commentary Finalist Daniel Fierman, Vice President and Editorial Director
Texas Monthly 2017 Feature Writing Finalist Brian D. Sweany, Editor in Chief
Scientific American 2017 Public Interest Finalist Mariette DiChristina, Editor in Chief and Senior Vice President
The Atlantic 2017 Reporting Finalist James Bennet, Editor in Chief; Scott Stossel, Editor
National Geographic 2017 Feature Photography Finalist Susan Goldberg, Editor in Chief
New York 2017 Multimedia Finalist Adam Moss, Editor in Chief
Aperture 2017 Photography Finalist Michael Famighetti, Editor
Rolling Stone 2017 Columns and Commentary Finalist Jann S. Wenner, Editor and Publisher; Jason Fine, Managing Editor
Food Network Magazine 2017 Magazine Section Finalist Maile Carpenter, Editor in Chief
Bloomberg Businessweek 2017 Reporting Finalist Ellen Joan Pollock, Editor
BuzzFeed News and BBC 2017 Reporting Finalist Ben Smith, Editor in Chief, BuzzFeed
National Geographic 2017 Feature Photography Finalist Susan Goldberg, Editor in Chief
The New York Times Magazine 2017 Multimedia Finalist Jake Silverstein, Editor in Chief