American Society of Magazine Editors

Winners and Finalists Database

Title Year Category Winner or Finalist Editor
Newsweek 1987 Reporting Finalist Richard M. Smith, editor-in-chief
Time 1987 Essays & Criticism Finalist Jason McManus, managing editor
Chicago 1987 Reporting Finalist Don Gold, editor-in-chief
House & Garden 1987 Photography Finalist Louis Oliver Gropp, editor-in-chief
North American Review, The 1987 Fiction Finalist Robley Wilson, Jr., editor
Time 1987 General Excellence Finalist Jason McManus, managing editor
Chicago 1987 Fiction Finalist Don Gold, editor-in-chief
IEEE Spectrum 1987 Public Interest Finalist Donald Christiansen, editor and publisher
Outside 1987 Essays & Criticism Winner Lawrence J. Burke, publisher and editor-in-chief
Vanity Fair 1987 Photography Finalist Tina Brown, editor-in-chief
Common Cause 1987 General Excellence Winner Florence Graves, vice president for publications and editor
Learning 86 1987 Personal Service Finalist Maryanne Wagner, editor
People 1987 General Excellence Winner Patricia Ryan, managing editor
Vanity Fair 1987 General Excellence Finalist Tina Brown, editor-in-chief
Consumer Reports 1987 Personal Service Winner Irwin Landau, editorial director
Life 1987 Reporting Winner Judith Daniels, managing editor
Personal Computing 1987 General Excellence Finalist Fred Abatemarco, editor-in-chief
Vogue 1987 General Excellence Finalist Grace Mirabella, editor-in-chief
Elle 1987 General Excellence Winner Régis Pagniez, publication director, Karen Anderegg, editor-in-chief
Manhattan, inc. 1987 General Excellence Finalist Jane Amsterdam, editor