American Society of Magazine Editors

Winners and Finalists Database

Title Year Category Winner or Finalist Editor
Esquire 1987 Special Interests Finalist Lee Eisenberg, editor-in-chief
Mother Jones 1987 Fiction Finalist Deirdre English, executive editor
Sports Afield 1987 Special Interests Winner Tom Paugh, editor
Atlantic, The 1987 Special Interests Finalist William Whitworth, editor
Esquire 1987 Single-Topic Issue Finalist Lee Eisenberg, editor-in-chief
National Geographic 1987 Photography Winner Wilbur E. Garrett, editor
Sylvia Porter's Personal Finance 1987 Personal Service Finalist Sylvia Porter, editor-in-chief
Atlantic, The 1987 General Excellence Finalist William Whitworth, editor
Esquire 1987 Fiction Winner Lee Eisenberg, editor-in-chief
National Geographic 1987 Design Finalist Wilbur E. Garrett, editor, Robert W. Madden, assistant director, layout department
Technology Review 1987 General Excellence Finalist John I. Mattill, editor-in-chief
Atlantic, The 1987 Public Interest Finalist William Whitworth, editor
European Travel & Life 1987 Design Finalist David R. Breul, editor-in-chief, Jeanne Dzienciol, art director
National Geographic 1987 General Excellence Finalist Wilbur E. Garrett, editor
Texas Monthly 1987 General Excellence Finalist Gregory Curtis, editor
Atlantic, The 1987 Essays & Criticism Finalist William Whitworth, editor
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 1987 Single-Topic Issue Winner Len Ackland, editor
Food & Wine 1987 Single-Topic Issue Finalist Ila Stanger, editor-in-chief
New England Monthly 1987 General Excellence Winner Daniel Okrent, editor
Texas Monthly 1987 Special Interests Finalist Gregory Curtis, editor