American Society of Magazine Editors

Winners and Finalists Database

Title Yearsort descending Category Winner or Finalist Editor
Esquire 2013 Magazine Section Finalist David Granger, Editor in Chief
Esquire 2013 Tablet Magazine Finalist David Granger, Editor in Chief; Mark Mikin, Digital Editions Editor
Outside 2013 Personal Service Finalist Lawrence J. Burke, Chairman and Editor in Chief; Christopher Keyes, Vice President and Editor
BULLETT 2013 Design Finalist Idil Tabanca, Editor in Chief; James Orlando, Creative Director; Morey Talmor, Design Director
Slate 2013 Columns and Commentary Winner David Plotz, Editor in Chief
Daily Beast, The 2013 Video Finalist Tina Brown, Editor in Chief; Joe Posner, Producer and Director; Dan Klaidman and Megan McArdle, Writers
Atlantic, The 2013 Essays & Criticism Winner James Bennet, Editor in Chief; Scott Stossel, Editor
GQ 2013 Magazine Section Finalist Jim Nelson, Editor in Chief
Money 2013 Tablet Magazine Finalist Craig Matters, Managing Editor; Neil Jamieson, Design Director
Real Simple 2013 Personal Service Finalist Kristin van Ogtrop, Managing Editor
DETAILS 2013 Design Finalist Daniel Peres, Editor in Chief; Rockwell Harwood, Creative Director; Nathalie Kirsheh, Design Director
Chow 2013 General Excellence, Digital Media Finalist Jane Goldman, General Manager and Editor in Chief
Mother Jones 2013 Video Winner Monika Bauerlein and Clara Jeffery, Editors; David Corn, Washington Bureau Chief; James West, Producer
Foreign Policy 2013 Essays & Criticism Finalist Susan Glasser, Editor in Chief
HGTV Magazine 2013 Magazine Section Finalist Sara Peterson, Editor in Chief
National Geographic 2013 Tablet Magazine Winner Chris Johns, Editor in Chief; Lisa Lytton, Director, Digital Editions
Fader, The 2013 General Excellence (Special-Interest Magazines) Finalist Matthew Schnipper, Editor in Chief
Harper's Bazaar 2013 General Excellence (Service and Fashion Magazines) Finalist Glenda Bailey, Editor in Chief
New York 2013 Design Finalist Adam Moss, Editor in Chief; Thomas Alberty, Design Director
Glamour 2013 General Excellence, Digital Media Finalist Cynthia Leive, Editor in Chief; Mike Hofman, Executive Digital Director