American Society of Magazine Editors

Winners and Finalists Database

Title Yearsort descending Category Winner or Finalist Editor
Vogue 1980 Service to the Individual Finalist Alexander Liberman, editor-in-chief
BusinessWeek 1980 Single-Topic Issue Finalist Lewis H. Young, editor-in-chief
New York Review of Books, The 1980 Essays & Criticism Finalist Robert B. Silvers, editor
Coal Age 1980 Specialized Journalism Finalist Joseph F. Wilkinson
New Yorker, The 1980 Reporting Finalist William Shawn, editor
Geo 1980 Design Winner Robert C. Christopher
New Yorker, The 1980 Fiction Finalist William Shawn, editor
Harvard Business Review 1980 Specialized Journalism Finalist Kenneth R. Andrews, editor-in-chief
Newsweek 1980 Essays & Criticism Finalist Lester Bernstein
IEEE Spectrum 1980 Specialized Journalism Winner Donald Christiansen, editor and publisher
Ohio 1980 Public Service Finalist J. Porter
International Wildlife 1980 Single-Topic Issue Finalist
Pennsylvania Illustrated 1980 Reporting Finalist Milton W. Minarchin
Life 1980 Single-Topic Issue Finalist Philip B. Kunhardt, Jr., managing editor
Philadelphia 1980 Essays & Criticism Finalist Alan Halpern, editor
Mother Jones 1980 Public Service Finalist Zina Kalpper
Playboy 1980 Fiction Finalist Arthur Kretchmer, editorial director
American Preservation 1980 Design Finalist Porter Briggs
Mother Jones 1980 Reporting Excellence Winner Zina Klapper
Psychology Today 1980 Reporting Finalist Jack Nessel, editor-in-chief