American Society of Magazine Editors

Winners and Finalists Database

Title Year Category Winner or Finalistsort descending Editor
Marie Claire 2017 General Excellence (Service and Lifestyle) Finalist Anne Fulenwider, Editor in Chief
Harper's Magazine 2009 Essays Finalist Roger D. Hodge, editor
Los Angeles 2008 Profile Writing Finalist Kit Rachlis, editor-in-chief
New York 2010 Design Finalist Adam Moss, editor-in-chief; Chris Dixon, design director
Glamour 2007 General Excellence Finalist Cynthia Leive, editor-in-chief
Harper's Magazine 2006 Essays Finalist Lewis H. Lapham, editor
Newsweek 2004 Public Interest Finalist Richard M. Smith, chairman and editor-in-chief, Mark Whitaker, editor
Surface 2003 Design Finalist Riley Johndonnell, editorial director, Steven Baillie, creative director
Esquire 2001 Personal Service Finalist David Granger, editor-in-chief
New Yorker, The 1999 Essays & Criticism Finalist David Remnick, editor
Interview 1992 Design Finalist Ingrid Sischy, editor-in-chief, Tibor Kalman, creative director
Angolite, The 1990 Public Interest Finalist Wilbert Rideau, Ron Wikberg, co-editors
Rolling Stone 1989 Feature Writing Finalist Jann S. Wenner, editor and publisher
New York 1987 Personal Service Finalist Edward Kosner, editor and publisher
New York Review of Books, The 1985 Essays & Criticism Finalist Robert B. Silvers, editor
Outside 1983 General Excellence Finalist Lawrence J. Burke, editor-in-chief
Scientific American 1981 Single-Topic Issue Finalist Dennis Flanagan, editor-in-chief
Classic 1977 Specialized Journalism Finalist Andre Laguerre
Texas Monthly 2011 General Excellence (Special-Interest Magazines) Finalist Jake Silverstein, Editor
GQ 2012 Photography Finalist Jim Nelson, Editor in Chief; Dora Somosi, Director of Photography