American Society of Magazine Editors

Winners and Finalists Database

Title Year Category Winner or Finalistsort descending Editor
Wired 2014 Tablet Magazine Finalist Scott Dadich, Editor in Chief, Jon Eilenberg, Senior Editor (Digital Editions)
Wired 2015 General Excellence (General-Interest Magazines) Finalist Scott Dadich, Editor in Chief
Bon Appétit 2016 General Excellence (Service and Lifestyle) Finalist Adam Rapoport, Editor in Chief
The Pitchfork Review 2017 Design Finalist Ryan Schreiber, Editor in Chief and Founder; Michael Renaud, Vice President and Creative Director; Matthew Schnipper, Editor
New York 2018 Essays & Criticism Finalist Adam Moss, Editor in Chief
Antioch Review, The 2010 Fiction Finalist Robert S. Fogarty, editor
GQ 2009 General Excellence Finalist Jim Nelson, editor-in-chief
IEEE Spectrum 2008 Single-Topic Issue Finalist Susan Hassler, editor-in-chief
Fortune 2007 Reporting Finalist Eric Pooley, managing editor
Ms. 2005 Essays Finalist Elaine Lafferty, editor-in-chief
STEP inside design 2003 General Excellence Finalist Emily Potts, editorial director
Esquire 2001 Fiction Finalist David Granger, editor-in-chief
Redbook 2000 Personal Service Finalist Lesley Jane Seymour, editor-in-chief
Martha Stewart Living 1998 General Excellence Finalist Martha Stewart, editorial director, Stephen Drucker, editor-in-chief
Audubon 1996 Essays & Criticism Finalist Michael W. Robbins, Editor
Print 1995 Single-Topic Issue Finalist Martin Fox, vice president and editor
National Geographic 1993 Photography Finalist William Graves, editor
Condé Nast Traveler 1991 Personal Service Finalist Harold Evans, editor-in-chief
Newsweek 1988 Feature Writing Finalist Richard M. Smith, editor-in-chief
Mother Jones 1979 Reporting Finalist Zine Klapper