American Society of Magazine Editors

Winners and Finalists Database

Title Year Category Winner or Finalist Editor
The New Yorker 2018 Public Interest Winner David Remnick, Editor
SB Nation 2018 Digital Innovation Winner Elena Bergeron, Editor in Chief
Popular Science 2018 General Excellence (Literature, Science and Politics) Finalist Joe Brown, Editor in Chief
Pitchfork 2018 Columns and Commentary Finalist Ryan Schreiber, Editor in Chief
San Francisco 2018 General Excellence (Special-Interest Magazines) Winner Jon Steinberg, Editor in Chief
Wired With Epic Magazine 2018 Feature Writing Finalist Nicholas Thompson, Editor in Chief, Wired
The New Yorker 2018 Reporting Finalist David Remnick, Editor
ProPublica and NPR 2018 Public Interest Finalist Stephen Engelberg, Editor in Chief, ProPublica
HuffPost Highline 2018 Digital Innovation Finalist Rachel Morris and Greg Veis, Executive Editors
Virginia Quarterly Review 2018 General Excellence (Literature, Science and Politics) Finalist Paul Reyes, Editor
TIME and Mic 2018 Video Winner Edward Felsenthal, Editor in Chief
Bicycling 2018 General Excellence (Special-Interest Magazines) Finalist Leah Flickinger, Editor in Chief; Jesse Southerland, Group Creative Director; Louis Mazzante, Digital Director
T, The New York Times Style Magazine 2018 General Excellence (Service and Lifestyle) Winner Hanya Yanagihara, Editor in Chief; Patrick Li, Creative Director
GQ 2018 Design Winner Jim Nelson, Editor in Chief
Bon Appétit 2018 Design Finalist Adam Rapoport, Editor in Chief; Alex Grossman, Creative Director; Kristin Eddington, Art Director
Vanity Fair 2018 Public Interest Finalist Graydon Carter, Editor
The Marshall Project with Condé Nast Entertainment and Participant Media 2018 Digital Innovation Finalist Bill Keller, Editor in Chief, The Marshall Project
Texas Monthly 2018 Leisure Interests Winner Tim Taliaferro, Editor in Chief
The Atlantic 2018 Video Finalist Jeffrey Goldberg, Editor in Chief
Inc. 2018 General Excellence (Special-Interest Magazines) Finalist Eric Schurenberg, President and Editor in Chief; James Ledbetter, Editor of Inc. and