American Society of Magazine Editors

Winners and Finalists Database

Title Yearsort descending Category Winner or Finalist Editor
Atlantic, The 1973 Fiction Winner
BusinessWeek 1973 General Excellence Winner
Horizon 1973 Visual Excellence Winner
New York 1973 Reporting Excellence Winner
Newsweek 1974 Visual Excellence Winner Robert V. Engle, editor
Early Years 1974 Specialized Journalism Finalist Allen A. Raymond
Newsweek 1974 Reporting Excellence Finalist Osborn Elliott, editor
Family Circle 1974 Service to the Individual Finalist Arthur Hettich, editor-in-chief
Popular Mechanics 1974 Service to the Individual Finalist Jim Liston, editor-in-chief
Family Circle 1974 Visual Excellence Finalist Arthur Hettich, editor-in-chief
Prism 1974 Visual Excellence Finalist Charles C. Renshaw
Harper's Magazine 1974 Public Service Finalist Robert Shnayerson, editor
Psychology Today 1974 Specialized Journalism Finalist George T. Harris
Intellectual Digest 1974 Public Service Finalist Martin Goldman
Redbook 1974 Fiction Finalist Sey Chassler, editor-in-chief
Juris Doctor 1974 Specialized Journalism Finalist Wendy Lyon Moonon
Redbook 1974 Public Service Finalist Sey Chassler, editor-in-chief
Mademoiselle 1974 Fiction Finalist Edith Raymond Locke, editor
Scientific American 1974 Public Service Winner Dennis Flanagan, editor
Money 1974 Service to the Individual Finalist William S. Rukeyser, managing editor