American Society of Magazine Editors

Winners and Finalists Database

Title Year Category Winner or Finalistsort descending Editor
Modern Farmer 2017 Leisure Interests Finalist Sarah Gray Miller, Editor in Chief
New York Times Magazine, The 2011 Feature Photography Finalist Hugo Lindgren, Editor in Chief
Slate 2012 Website Finalist David Plotz, Editor
Real Simple 2014 General Excellence (Service and Lifestyle) Finalist Kristin van Ogtrop, Editor
Fast Company 2016 General Excellence (News, Sports & Entertainment Magazines) Finalist Robert Safian, Editor in Chief
Texas Monthly 2017 Leisure Interests Finalist Brian D. Sweany, Editor in Chief
The Atlantic 2018 Video Finalist Jeffrey Goldberg, Editor in Chief
GQ 2009 Profile Writing Finalist Jim Nelson, editor-in-chief
GQ 2008 Design Finalist Jim Nelson, editor-in-chief, Fred Woodward, design director
New York 2010 Single-Topic Issue Finalist Adam Moss, editor-in-chief
Field & Stream 2007 Personal Service Finalist Sid Evans, editor-in-chief
GQ 2006 Profile Writing Finalist Jim Nelson, editor-in-chief
Kids: Fun Stuff To Do Together 2005 Photography Finalist Jodi Levine, editor-in-chief, Melissa Morgan, executive editor
New Yorker, The 2004 Profile Writing Finalist David Remnick, editor
Skiing 2003 General Excellence Finalist Perkins Miller, editor-in-chief
BusinessWeek 2001 Best Interactive Design Finalist Bob Arnold, editor
Oxford American, The 2000 Special Interests Finalist Marc Smirnoff, editor
W 1997 General Excellence Finalist Patrick McCarthy, executive vice president and executive editor
Outdoor Life 1995 Special Interests Finalist Vin T. Sparano, editor
Life 1993 Photography Finalist James R. Gaines, managing editor