American Society of Magazine Editors

Winners and Finalists Database

Title Year Category Winner or Finalistsort descending Editor
Martha Stewart Living 2009 General Excellence Finalist Martha Stewart, founder, Michael Boodro, editor-in-chief
Popular Mechanics 2011 Mobile Edition Finalist James B. Meigs, Editor in Chief; Jerry Beilinson, Deputy Editor
New York Times Magazine, The 2012 Video Finalist Hugo Lindgren, Editor in Chief; Kathy Ryan, Director of Photography
New Yorker, The 2010 Reporting Finalist David Remnick, editor
Los Angeles 2006 Profile Writing Finalist Kit Rachlis, editor-in-chief
Atlantic, The 2012 Reporting Finalist James Bennet, Editor in Chief
Poetry 2013 General Excellence (Literary, Political & Professional Magazines) Finalist Christian Wiman, Editor
New York 2005 Magazine Section Finalist Adam Moss, editor-in-chief
The New Yorker 2016 Fiction Finalist David Remnick, Editor
New Yorker, The 2003 General Excellence Finalist David Remnick, editor
Time 2002 Reporting Finalist James Kelly, managing editor
Lingua Franca 2000 General Excellence Finalist Jeffrey Kittay, founder and editor-in-chief
Atlantic, The 1998 General Excellence in New Media Finalist Wen Stephenson, editorial director, new media
Rolling Stone 1997 Feature Writing Finalist Jann S. Wenner, editor and publisher, Sid Holt, managing editor
Harper's Magazine 1995 Feature Writing Finalist Lewis H. Lapham, editor
BusinessWeek 1993 General Excellence Finalist Stephen B. Shepard, editor-in-chief
Time 1992 Essays & Criticism Finalist Henry Muller, managing editor
National Geographic 1990 General Excellence Finalist Wilbur E. Garrett, editor
Fortune 1988 Public Interest Finalist Marshall Loeb, managing editor
Atlantic, The 1986 Personal Service Finalist William Whitworth, editor