American Society of Magazine Editors

2007 National Magazine Awards

NMA 2007 Winners
ASME and its celebrities: Journalist Michael Weisskopf; Marlene Kahan, Executive Director, ASME; Actor Kevin Bacon; ASME President Cindi Leive, Glamour; and Actress Edie Falco
Celebrity presenters mingle in the green room: Filmmaker John Waters, Kevin Bacon, Actress Aisha Tyler, and The Today Shows Ann Curry
Edie Falco and Kevin Bacon
Chef/Author Anthony Bourdain, Aisha Tyler, Ann Curry, Cindi Leive, and Ira Glass, This American Life
Graydon Carter, Vanity Fair, and Actress Carrie Fisher
Aisha Tyler, Cindi Leive and Singer KT Tunstall
Ira Glass; Kurt Andersen, journalist, author and New York columnist; and Milton Glaser, graphic design guru
David Granger, Esquire; Marlene Kahan; KT Tunstall; and Robbie Myers, ELLE








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(Photo credit: Friedman Studio/ASME)