American Society of Magazine Editors

12 Tablet Magazine

This category honors magazines published on tablets and e-readers, including digital-only magazines. To be eligible in this category, a tablet magazine must include an array of content in a variety of forms, such as news and feature stories; service and lifestyle coverage; and political and social commentary. Tablet magazines need not duplicate the frequency or content of sibling print editions. Judges will evaluate entries based on the achievement of editorial, visual and functional excellence; clarity of navigation; and the use of technology, especially interactivity and multimedia, to engage media consumers. An entry consists of three examples of a magazine published on a tablet or e-reader. WHAT TO SUBMIT: platform-specific instructions, including user names and passwords, for accessing three examples of a magazine published on a tablet or e-reader (the three examples may be published on different platforms).

Rules and Eligibility for Categories 11–14: Any eligible magazine, including digital-only publications, may submit one entry in Website and Tablet Magazine. Content entered in Website and Tablet Magazine can also be submitted in other categories. Any eligible publication, including digital-only magazines, may submit two entries in Multimedia and Video. Content entered in Multimedia and Video cannot be submitted in other categories except as part of an entry in the categories listed in section 7 on page 3. See category descriptions for submission requirements.