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The  Editor of will have complete responsibility for all editorial facets of the leading celebrity news website, with 13 million-plus visitors and over 850 million page views monthly. To fill this role, we are looking for a rock star with the metabolism, editorial chops and experience to run a 24/7 breaking celebrity news website on a day-to-day basis, as well as the true creativity and vision needed to map out and execute its future development on a large, multi-platform scale.


Drive breaking news: Manage an integrated (print/web) team of reporters to insure delivery of a constant stream of breaking celebrity, television, movie and style stories. The managing editor will know what news to go after, set the daily agenda and insure that the end product is smart, fun, accurate, SEO-optimized and…most importantly…first.

Conceptualize and oversee all feature packages: From tent pole awards events to PEOPLE-exclusive franchises, the editor will set the year-long roadmap of special packages, conceiving high-impact, entertaining and cutting edge components for each that delight consumers and attract advertising interest.

Optimize and continue build of A website is never finished. Combining his/her past digital experience, a comprehensive grasp of current user metrics and an understanding of the competitive landscape, the managing editor will direct all site redesign, creation of new sections and addition of new technology/functionality to ensure the best possible experience and continued growth.

Grow social activity: Social engagement is already high on, but the managing editor will conceive and deliver new features and strategies that will take site community to the next level. And, while Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms are already making healthy contributions to the audience, we are still only at the beginning of this social phenomenon. It will be up to the managing editor to determine how to best unlock the promise these platforms hold.

Develop mobile products: With the successful launch of products such as the PEOPLE News Tracker on the iPhone and PEOPLE magazine on the iPad, the brand has already proven that there is enormous opportunity to be had on mobile devices. The managing editor, will be at the forefront of the coming deluge of new tablets and smart phones, conceptualizing editorial and service-based products and pulling together web, print, consumer marketing and IT resources within the company to bring these products to market.

Manage talent: The editor must consistently motivate, inspire, guide, critique and develop what is already a high-performance team. Working in conjunction with the print managing editor, he/she needs to manage relationships across digital and print and provide challenging opportunities in what has become the most exciting area of publishing. Additionally, the digital managing editor will be responsible for hiring new talent for the website, raising the bar with each new hire.


15+ years of editorial experience at a major consumer newspaper or magazine brand. At least half of those years will have been at the senior editor level or higher. At least three of those years will have been spent with significant digital responsibility. If you have no digital experience, this job is not for you. Entertainment category experience is a definite plus, as is daily news experience.

Proven management skills: The right person will have had direct oversight (not matrixed, not dotted-lined, not “informal”) of at least a 15+ person team. Additionally, the ability to work with and coordinate teams outside your own is a must: Legal, ad sales, IT, consumer marketing, print…very few projects ever see the light of day without their help.

A functional understanding of website mechanics: You may not be able to personally bang out HTML code, but, you do understand what is and isn’t possible. You know your way around a CMS, can decipher detailed usage metrics, read and think your way through a wireframe (finding user flow problems when they occur), understand the difference between the mobile web and a mobile app, and know what Facebook is referring to when they use the term “open graph.” You also know why what works for a magazine may not work for the web…and why neither may work for mobile. A proven ability to conceive, manage development and deliver new digital products is a plus.

An obsessive-compulsive streak that stops just short of requiring medication: Being top dog at a highly popular and highly competitive website, with a fantastic team of co-workers, at the world’s largest publishing company is an amazing adventure. It is not for the faint of heart or the five-o’clocker. There will be the occasional long day that turns into a long night. There will be the emergency call on a Saturday afternoon when news breaks. But the rewards are many and the excitement is non-stop. Passion is a must.

If you have what it takes to play at this level, a fantastic experience awaits. Send resumes to:

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014
New York, NY