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Director of Strategy and Audience Development at Slate

Slate is hiring a director of strategy and audience development. Ideal candidates will be voracious users of the web, dedicated students of its ongoing evolution, and lovers of online journalism who want to help one of the oldest news sites on the web continue to be one of the most innovative. The ability to see around corners and anticipate opportunities for growth is a prerequisite. Applicants should have experience working with web publications to boost traffic, expand audience, and develop new products and editorial programs. Applicants should be social media sages and Omniture wizards—they should check Chartbeat before they brush their teeth in the morning. The job demands a smart, funny, inventive editorial sensibility and a keen understanding of Slate’s voice and approach to the news. It also demands an ability to think and act entrepreneurially and to push the magazine in new directions, whether toward an untapped area of coverage, a growing social media platform, or a promising partnership with another publication or business; a track record of effectively executing on new strategies is a must. Applicants should be both creative thinkers and rigorous analyzers of data and be as comfortable presenting to a room of editors as a room of developers. Good management skills, good team play, and good humor also required. The position is full time, on staff, with benefits. Slate welcomes candidates from all backgrounds. The position can be located in New York or Washington, D.C.

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Thursday, March 31, 2016
New York, NY or Washington, DC