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Associate Editor at Houstonia

Even we were taken by surprise, but the headlines don’t lie: Houston really is one of the most exciting cities in the nation right now, if not the most exciting, with an unparalleled dining scene, an unmatched local economy, and the most diverse citizenry in the nation. Add in a little timeless southern bonhomie, and it’s no wonder America’s tired, huddled masses are migrating here by the thousands each month.

In short, we’re a dynamic and different place, big-yet-small, equal parts self-important and self-deprecating, and no publication captures it like Houstonia. Our magazine, like the city we serve, is a mélange of lifelong Houstonians and recent transplants, and as we continue to grow—at a little over a year old, we are already the top-selling title in the city—we seek to welcome another talent to our solid group of hard-working journalists.

Right now we have an opening for an associate editor, a dynamic, fiercely smart, warm and witty writer with a distinguished style who is an equally stellar editor, one with a superior ability to conceive stories that capture the Houston zeitgeist, and then work closely with writers to ensure that they’re executed with verve and intelligence in a timely fashion.

The associate editor should have investigative-reporting experience, be comfortable with long-form journalism, and know how to take big, complex stories and tell them creatively no matter the subject matter, be it abortion, a society scandal, or an oddball character in a city chock-full of them. He or she should also be comfortable contributing to our service-journalism packages, as well as our nationally recognized front-of-book section. Writing/editing longer personal essays, travel, and profile pieces also come with the territory, as does blogging.

Given the job description, you won’t be surprised to hear that we seek candidates with only the strongest skills and magazine experience—four years minimum. We’d also like our associate editor to have a working knowledge of Houston. Still, talent trumps all, and we’re happy to look at resumes of potential transplants. (Who knows, you might be one of the 200 people who move here every day!) Anyway, if you find yourself gazing with fascination and puzzlement at America’s fourth-largest city, and you’ve got the skills we’re looking for, then by all means apply. Like Houston itself, we’re all about welcoming anyone with the talent and ambition to contribute something worthwhile to the place we call home.

To apply, send a cover letter, resume and 3-4 clips to

Friday, November 7, 2014
Houston, TX