American Society of Magazine Editors

Several States Look to Legislate Magazine Marketing Techniques

Despite being the home state of the magazine industry, the New York legislature continues to consider bills focused on magazine media, much as they did in 2013, and once again, MPA is out front in opposing them.

MPA traveled to Albany to oppose two pieces of legislation – a bill regulating the automatic renewal of magazines and a bill requiring that magazine invoices include a telephone number. With only a week left in the legislative calendar, the outlook that neither bill passes looks more encouraging every day.

Also following the “second time’s a charm” theme is Massachusetts.  Once again, The Bay State is considering legislation on free trials that has a number of troubling provisions, most notably a requirement that a second notice be sent shortly before a customer must cancel.  MPA has engaged with the relevant committee staff in the state legislature to explain and express our opposition, and will remain vigilant through July 31st, the end of the Massachusetts legislative year.