American Society of Magazine Editors


Ad Marketing Committee
MPA Liaison: Linda Thomas Brooks, contact Isadora Hicks at | 212-872-3711
Meeting Frequency: Quarterly
Purpose: Works to significantly improve the advertising demand for magazine media resulting in year over year market share gains. 
Consumer Marketing Committee
MPA Liaison: Elizabeth Tighe, | 212-872-3771
Meeting Frequency: Quarterly
Purpose: Examines industry is­­sues and initiatives associated with all areas of consumer marketing: retail sales, subscription sources, internet, digital newsstand, mobile marketing and more.
Digital Committee
MPA Liaison: Barry Fleming, | 212-872-8736
Meeting Frequency: Quarterly
Purpose: Focuses on standards and measures that support the value of digital magazine media, and makes it as easy and seamless as possible for advertisers to appropriately evaluate and buy across all platforms.
Government Affairs Committee
MPA Liaison: Jim Cregan, | 202-296-7277
Meeting Frequency: Ad hoc, 1-2 times per year
Purpose: Reviews and assesses political decisions that have far-reaching consequences for the magazine media industry at large, plays an important advisory role on behalf of MPA, and acts as the face of the industry before members of Congress, the Administration and in the States.
Legal Affairs Committee
MPA Liaison: Mary Holland, | 202-296-2890
Meeting Frequency: 9 times per year
Purpose: Provides a forum for publishers’ legal teams to learn, review, discuss, strategize and respond to the multitude of legal issues facing the industry and individual publishers alike.
Postal Committee
MPA Liaison: Rita Cohen, | 202-296-1307
Meeting Frequency: Quarterly
Purpose: Marshalls publishers’ distribution executives to discuss postal issues; learn about upcoming changes in postal operations, rates and service; and develop appropriate responses to such changes. Assists in developing MPA positions vis-à-vis Congress, the Administration, the U.S. Postal Service and the Postal Regulatory Commission.
Public Relations Committee
MPA Liaison: Susan Russ, | 212-872-3732
Meeting Frequency: As needed
Public Relations Task Force: When warranted by news and trigger events, particularly issues driven by the industry transition. Task force members are recruited based upon relevant issues and news cycles.
360°  PR Committee: Utilizes the power of MPA’s member organization PR and communications professionals to collaborate, strategize and work on common goals and issues to change the conversation about magazine media.
Research Committee
MPA Liaisons: Jeri Dack, | 212-872-3765;
Sandy Jimenez, |212-8720-3795
Meeting Frequency: Quarterly
Purpose: Convene research and insights influencers from MPA member companies to evaluate new research techniques, methodologies and products from the suppliers as well as best research practices from members and providers.
Tax Committee
MPA Liaison: Mary Holland, | 202-296-2890
Meeting Frequency: 2 times per year
Purpose: Convenes publishers’ tax executives to learn and share information on current tax issues they—or the industry—face to formulate appropriate responses. As called upon, serves as advisor to other MPA members on tax-related questions, providing input to MPA positions on federal and state legislative tax matters.
Alternate Delivery Task Force
MPA Liaison: Rita Cohen, | 202-296-1307
Meeting Frequency: As needed
Purpose: Explores the availability, feasibility and cost of distribution alternatives to the U.S. Postal Service as a subgroup of the postal committee. Introduces task force members to potential alternative delivery suppliers and facilitates one-on-one discussions as desired.
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