American Society of Magazine Editors

About Environment

MPAs long-standing involvement in environmental matters stems from its members desire to support and implement responsible and economically sound environmental policies and procedures related to the full lifecycles of our magazine products, from raw materials to well-read copies.  In this context, our primary areas of concern include sustainable forestry practices and certification standards, retail efficiency programs, promoting the recovery of used magazines and other used paper for recycling and minimizing the impact of pulp and paper production processes

To stay abreast of developments in each of these areas, MPA created an Environment Task Force, bringing together magazine publishers, paper companies and printers to hear from experts in the field and to discuss individual issues and questions.  MPA has heard presentations from representatives of all three major sustainable forestry practices certification systems.  MPA has also invited representatives of municipal recycling systems and industry consultants to learn about issues in recovery of various grades of used paper and to discuss ways to encourage more recovery and robust markets for recovered paper.

MPA also works with other paper-using industries, including the newspaper, catalog,  and envelope associations on issues of common interest.  MPA is an active participant in the Paper Industry Advisory Council (PIAC) to help provide members with the most current information on environmental matters.

In the recent past, several paper-using industries have been under scrutiny by environmental groups with regard to the use of recycled paper.  MPA has prepared educational materials regarding the use of recycled paper and recently updated the MPAs environmental handbook, which covers environmental issues relating to the full lifecycle of magazine production and use.  MPA also monitors key environmental developments on the federal, state, and international level.    

Most recently, MPA has been working to encourage consumers to recycle more magazines.  Although 100 percent of the magazines that are unsold at the newsstand have always been recycled, many consumers and local municipalities are unaware that recycling mills need more magazine stock to make newsprint and other grades of recycled paper.  In March 2007, MPA launched an industry wide campaign to help educate consumers and local recyclers about the demand for magazines in the recycling chain.  MPA will coordinate its efforts to increase recycling with the American Forestry and Paper Association.